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Why Choose Us?

WE HAVE EXPERIENCE working with a variety of breeds, of a variety of sizes and ages!

We have experience getting RESULTS and we prove it by training and competing with our own dogs! (Curious about why we think competition is important as a dog trainer? Check out the blog for a post about it!)

We help our students get results with their own dogs - we have helped them have well mannered companions, sport dogs, and certified therapy dogs.

We will work with you to find the technique that is best for your dog. 

We value the human-canine bond. "Man's best friend" - says it all! We want to help you ENJOY your dog and to help your dog understand what good manners are and what you want him to do.

We strive to make dog training FUN! 

Because we make it a priority to continue our dog training education, we can offer you the newest methods and tips in dog training! We are results proven trainers that enjoy watching our students succeed!

We are family friendly trainers that enjoy teaching classes and workshops for children.

There is something for your dog to learn at every age!




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