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Jeremy R. Chamberlain, M.S., NADOI

19409 Highway 17

Waynesville, MO. 65583





Master of Science                               Webster University, St. Louis, MO

                                                            Environmental Management/Sustainability



Bachelor of Science                            Drury University, Springfield, MO

                                                            Biology/Environmental Science





Chaland’s All Dogs Academy, LLC, Waynesville, MO.

Position: CO-Owner/Professional Dog Trainer



  • Provide skills training and behavior modification for puppies, adolescent dogs, and adult dogs.

  • Provide training interventions for the treatment of separation anxiety, dog-dog aggression, dog-human aggression, fearfulness, basic manners, advanced manners, competition obedience, narcotics detection, scent work, protection training, Rally-O, herding, Tre balling, and other dog sports.

  • Provide training services to groups and individuals via classes and private sessions, and/or in-home sessions.

  • Maintain client records.

  • Pursue continuing education, at least 36 hours of continuing education every 3 years.

  • Provide culturally competent services to meet the unique cultural needs of each individual or family.

  • Create and routinely evaluate treatment plans with persons served.

  • Maintain knowledge of area dog professionals to provide referrals as needed.

  • Marketing/Advertisement

  • Finances



Springfield MO Dog Training Club, Springfield, MO

Position:  Assistant Instructor

Training Directors: Margery West, Lorri Sheets, and Jane Collins

Assisted: Margery West, Darlene Hughson, Susan Gilbert

2005-2007; 2016-2017


  • Provide skills training and behavior modification for puppies, adolescent dogs, and adult dogs.

  • Assist in training interventions for basic manners, advanced manners, competition obedience, and Rally-O.

  • Provide training services to groups via classes.

  • Maintain client records.

  • Accept Payment; review vet records; assist in fitting training collars.


Protection Sports Association (PSA) Decoy Camp


Skill learned:

  • Learn to safely catch a dog in a bitesuit

  • Learn the techniques of driving a dog in a bitesuit.

  • Learn scenario work for (PSA) trials.


Stateline K9 Decoy School, Hanover, PA

2019                                                                                                                                             Learn to be a training decoy for:

  • Dogs of all ages and levels

  • Personal Protection

  • Sport K9

  • Police K9

  • Foundation

  • Environmental Neutralization

  • Drive Channeling

  • Grip Develpoment

  • Skills: (Outs, Redirects, Call offs)

  • Muzzle Work



American Working Malinois Association                                                   2021-Present

American Working Dog Association                                                             2020-Present

American Belgian Malinois Club                                                                   2015-present

Missouri Canine Professional Network                                                      2019-Present

PSA/ American Schutzhund                                                                             2015-Present

Freemasonry                                                                                                   2018-Present

Ozarks Working Dog Club                                                                          2017-Present

Puppy Culture (Puppy Culture Breeder)                                                   2016-Present

Knights of Columbus                                                                                     2015-Present

Springfield MO Dog Training Club (SMDTC)                                         2005-2019

Rolla MO Kennel Club (RMKC)                                                                2008-2010





NADOI Certified Obedience Training Instructor                                           2020-Present              

AKC Temperament Test Judge                                                                      2019-Present

AKC Canine Good Citizen/Trick Dog Evaluator                                      2016-Present

OSHA 24hr Hazwopper                                                                                 2014-Present

RCRA and DOT                                                                                             2014-Present

AWP Operator License                                                                                  2013                         10-hour Occupational Safety and Health Training                                        2009




  • 20 hour Puppy and Young Dog HRD Fundamentals, January 2021

  • IS-00200.c Basic Incident Command System for Initial Response, FEMA, 2020

  • IS-00800.d National Response Framework, An Introduction, FEMA, 2020

  • IS-00700.b An Introduction to the National Incident Management System, FEMA, 2020

  • IS-00100.c Introduction to Incident Command System, FEMA, 2020

  • Stefan Schaub Training Seminar, Working Spot, March 2017

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