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STAR Puppy

Class emphasis is building a confident, well-adjusted companion. Graduating puppies from this class will earn the AKC Star Puppy Award. 

For more information, please check here:


This class covers basic puppy care (feeding, housetraining, grooming skills); puppy problems (nipping, chewing, digging, etc); proper socialization (with other people, dogs, surfaces, and objects); basic puppy training (building focus, sit, down, stand, come, and walking on a loose leash); calming techniques and more!

Maximum puppy age for this class is 12 months. Puppies must have received atleast 1st vaccinations (please bring vet record to first class). The class is 45 minutes, once a week, for 6 weeks. 

Canine Good Citizen Prep

This class builds the foundation for older puppies and adults to be obedient, well-mannered companions. Issues addressed are problem behaviors, being a firm leader, basic training, and calming techniques along with training basics. Puppies 4+ months and adults of all ages. Classes are 1 hour sessions once a week for 8 weeks. A Canine Good Citizen test is offered on the last night of class. 

Additional Levels of the CGC are also offered:

Community Canine Class:

This class continues the work that you have started. The Community Canine (CGCA) test is offered on the last night of class. Class is 1 hour, once a week, for 6 weeks. Dogs must have passed the CGC test and have it on file with the AKC to take the CGCA test. For more information on the Community Canine Test:


Urban Canine Class:

This class prepares for the Urban Canine Good Citizen. The class is 1 hour, once a week, for 6 weeks. Dogs must have passed the CGC test and have it on file with the AKC to take the Urban CGC test. The Urban CGC test will be offered on the last night of class. 

Manners Levels 1-10

We have modified our class structure to meet the needs of our students! We now offer Levels Training, so that your training experience is customized to your needs! You will remain at the same level until the level is mastered - that means you can progress as quickly or as slowly as you want! 

These classes build the foundation for your older puppy or adult dog to be an obedient, well-mannered companion. Issues Addressed: problem behaviors; being a firm leader; basic training (building focus, come) and calming techniques.

Puppies 6+ months and adult dogs of all ages are welcome! Must bring vet record to first class. Each class session is 10-30 minutes and meets once a week.


Upon graduation of Level 5 your dog will be able to:

*Sit, Down, Stand.

*Come when called from 20 feet. 

*Walk on a loose leash - making left, right, and about turns. Walk in circles.

*Sit & Down Stay from 10 feet for 1 minute.

*Accept Supervised Separation from handler for 3 minutes (handler out of sight, dog will remain on a leash that will be held by the instructor.)

The Canine Good Citizen Test is offered periodically. 

Upon graduation of Level 10 your dog will be able to:

*Heel on leash - making left, right, and about turns. Heel in circles. Heel slow, fast, and normal.

*Sit, Down, and Stand from random positions.

*Sit-Stay for 1 minute at 50 feet. Stand-Stay for 1 minute at 6 feet. Down-Stay for 3 minutes at 50 feet.

*Formal Recall from 40 feet with distractions.

*Know "Front" as a position. Formal Finish Left and Right. Stand for Exam.

A Community Canine Test is Offered periodically to dogs that are AKC registered or listed and have a CGC award/title on file with AKC. 

AKC Rally

This class is for those interested in AKC style Rally. All 3 levels will be scheduled (as the need arises) to teach the various stations/exercises needed to compete in Rally competition.

Rally competition exists for mixed and purebred dogs! Of course, you are welcome to enter the class just to give you and your dog something new and fun to do!

The class is 1 hour, once a week, for 6 weeks. 

Coming 2020/2021 - SCENTWORK! FitDog! and Herding!

Competition Level Obedience

This class is for anyone interested in furthering the bond with their dog, teaching their dog advanced skills, and/or who want to compete in obedience with their dog.

We will teach our dogs to: heel on leash, heel off leash, finish left/right, stand for exam, recall, long stays (sit and down), sit/down in motion, and more.

This class is 1 hour, once a week, for 6 weeks.

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