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Dog Trainer Certification Requirements for Incoming 2020-2021 Students

Complete all 31 lessons.

Post all homework.

Attend and participate in Lesson Zooms.

Assist in 2 puppy parties (to gain hands-on experience with socialization and imprinting).

Complete training with personal dog(s).

Teach additional 2 dogs to a CGCA title.

Teach group classes (STAR Puppy, CGC Prep, Competition Obedience) – 1 round of each.

Teach private sessions with 3 clients (6 sessions each = 18 sessions total).

Achieve the following titles with personal dog: AKC - CGC, CGCA, TKN, CD

Optional Add-ons are available which require the following titles/certifications:

Add on – Protection Sport Trainer:

Entry and Level 1 title in PSA, American Schutzhund, IGP, FR, MR.

Add on – Working Dog Trainer:

AWDA or Drugbeat Patrol Certification AND

AWDA or Drugbeat Narcotics Detection Certification

Add on – SAR Dog Trainer:

AWDA SAR Certification

Add on – Odor Detection Trainer:

AWDA/Drugbeat/AKC ScentWork/Nosework Novice & Advanced titles or certification.

Add on – Tracking Dog Trainer:

AKC or AWDA or IGP Level 1

Add on – Service Dog Trainer:

Complete therapy dog certification AND proof of 3 service skills.

Dog Trainer Certification Pricing:

Complete Training Certification* - $1500.00

Does not include any fees paid to other parties (other than Chaland), such as for the purchase of a dog(s), entry fees for competition/titling, training related fees.

Financial aid is available in the form of payment arrangements, as follows:

50% due on entry to the program

25% due at the midpoint of the program (Lesson 16 for Training Program)

25% due at completion of the program

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