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CADA Preservation Breeder Certification Program Requirements for Incoming Students 2020-2021

Complete all 23 lessons.

Post (or email) all homework required.

Attend and participate in Lesson Zooms.

Showsite/Ringside mentoring x 1 show.

Working Trial Mentoring x 1 trial.

Assist whelping x1 litter.

Assist in the Puppy Culture of 1 litter.

Breeder Certification Fees

Complete Breeding Unit 1 Certification* -


Does not include any fees paid to other parties (other than Chaland), such as purchasing of the Puppy Culture program, etc.

Financial aid is available in the form of payment arrangements, as follows:

50% due on entry to the program

25% due at the midpoint of the program (Lesson 12 for Breeding Program)

25% due at completion of the program

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